WOMEN: First and foremost, DON'T BE AFRAID TO LIFT HEAVY AND GET STRONGER!!! One of the biggest misconceptions women have is that if they lift heavy, they’ll get "bulky" like a guy. Ladies: our female bodies don't produce enough testosterone to get "big" like a guy! Lifting heavy and strong makes you more shapely, and it's empowering! Secondly, get yourself a good mentor; this person doesn't have to be your trainer and your nutritionist all wrapped up in one. He or she should be someone who is experienced and willing to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and help guide you in the right direction for YOU, not what everybody else thinks you should do. Lastly, do your homework: attend a couple shows, attend all seminars offered in your area, and have someone honest evaluate you to make sure you're conditioned enough to be stepping on the stage. And most importantly, don't be afraid to share your knowledge with other women once you've been in the game a little. All too often, women can be really catty and don't want to share their "secrets for success." There's PLENTY of room in this industry for all of us, and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!! :-)


MEN AND WOMEN:  YOU MUST FIRST CHANGE YOUR MENTAL SELF BODY IMAGE!!!  One day in 1998, I woke up and realized that with my stature (short and muscular) I would never have the body and the look of a model on the cover of all the glam magazines (Cosmo, Elle, Glamour, etc.) no matter how hard I tried with exercise and diet.  That same day, I happened to mention my "revelation" to a co-worker of mine and he asked me, "Why don't you get into bodybuilding?  You have a great physique for it."  I laughed so hard at him and said, "Yeah right!"  I had so many misperceptions about women who bodybuild, and it was bad enough that I already felt as though I looked too "masculine" with the size I did have.  I had been active in sports my whole life (competitive swimming, track, and dancing - tap, jazz, ballet) and coupled with genetics, I just always carried a lot of muscle mass...and the older I got, the more I wanted to start hiding my muscles.  Nonetheless, that very afternoon, my co-worker introduced me to "Mike," another co-worker who just earned his natural pro card.  He lent me a tape of a show he did in the past so I could see what bodybuilding is really about, then offered to train me for a couple months for a novice show.  I was amazed at the results and I learned that my body was acceptable the way it was - I didn't have to try to be "skinny" to look feminine.  I was still quite nervous, as this was the first time I ever wore a bikini (other than as a child) in front of ANYONE!  Needless to say, I quickly began to understand and have an appreciation of the sport and felt like I finally found my nitch; it was a world that rewarded people for looking strong and healthy. 




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